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Hollandse herder zwinger met Strepen

First something about us: from the moment I saw my first Dutch Shepherd dog as a child I was in love with this breed. Collected all information I could get and dreamed of owning a "Hollander" one day. My boyfriend, Johan, was charmed by the simple but sturdy look of this breed. As soon as we owned our first house with garden, we bought a Dutch Shepherd.

This was our Cobber-Dingo vd 's-Gravenschans (Dingo).  A good dog, which whom I trained SAR (Search and Rescue) work the first couple of years. Dingo was a pretty stubborn dog, demanding a lot of me as a first-time handler. This made training interesting and challenging every single time, for both Dingo and me. We got our VZH/BH and UV/AD examn and participated in various training excercises with the German red cross and  Belgian SAR teams. Johan often took Dingo with him to work, landscaping, where Dingo would guard the tools left in the car and cuddle with the customers.

The love for the breed grew and we decided to take a second dog, hoping to be able to breed with her. This would be our Knivil vh Pullenland (Ivil). With her I also started in SAR. During this period we moved to Germany to build a house. I then decided to start training at the local Schutzhund club, in the IPO/Schutzhund programm. It turned out to be a good choice, both dogs love it.

Over the years we have seen many Hollander litters, visited young-dog days and clubmatches, did examinations and dogshows. We then applied for a FCI kennel name and the next step was to start breeding stable, reliable, working Dutch Shepherds. We hope to make a good contribution to this rare Dutch breed.

We have different males out of our litters available as studs, for more info please contact us.

Marjolein van den Berg
Johan Groeneveld